3 Easy Ways to De-Stress at Your Desk


Sometimes we all feel the pressure, whether it’s a deadline, or a huge project looming over you. What do you do when you don’t have time to take a spa weekend, or a midday nap? Here are three easy ways to de-stress while you are still at your desk.

1. Desk Yoga: In addition to taking walks throughout the day, you can also do some great yoga moves directly from your desk! Loosen up a bit, and take the time to find your inner peace in the middle of the hectic work day. For some poses look here.

2. Take 5 Minutes of Me Time: Take 5 minutes to take a deep breath, and take a mental step back from your work. Count to ten, and focus on something non work related. Look outside the window and appreciate something as simple as what the weather is doing, whether its snow, rain or bright sunshine.

3. Re-assess Your To-do List: take another look at your to-do list, no matter how long, and be honest with yourself. Just because you haven’t finished something 100%, take a pride in how much you have gotten accomplished. Any step of progress is worthy of celebration, no matter how small.

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