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Instructional Designers

Exceeding Expectations

Invista Performance Solutions maintains a pool of knowledgeable instructional designers to support our clients. Each designer undergoes a rigorous screening process before earning a place on our team. For your training program and curriculum we draw from this highly skilled and talented group, the individuals whose skill set, whose expertise, and delivery style match your requirements.

Our Commitment

We have the ability to integrate content with your business and training goals. We deliver a wide variety of learning experiences in each training program while using instructional designers who are leading trendsetters and innovators in their respective fields.

Instructional Designer Selection Process

You will work with our Project Managers to find the instructional designer who is the best fit for your company. A range of criteria is considered including: the training topic; the trainer’s business background, design experience, certification level, and delivery style; as well as your specifications.

Dedicated to Results

With years of experience as a top provider of business and professional training, we are committed to delivering the very best in training by top trainers getting you the results you need for success. To ensure you get the best training possible we conduct quality evaluations after each training to ensure complete satisfaction and conduct after project reviews to measure the impact of the curriculum and training program. We screen all of our designers for quality at every step in the process, from the initial interview, to reference checks and even client introductions.

Interested Instructional Designers

For open positions please see our employment page.