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Invista has a talented group of seasoned professionals with the specialized skills and background to meet your needs.

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    Lisa Edwards

    Global Solutions Officer

    Lisa is responsible for leading Invista Performance Solutions and setting the strategic direction for the organization. In this role, she works with businesses to develop customized learning solutions to up skill their workforce and improve profitability.Edit

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    Emily Barnett

    Senior Project Manager

    Emily Barnett is the Senior Project Manager at IPS, and in this role she works with the IPS team to develop curriculum and provide program delivery for clients. Emily also establishes policies and procedures that increase training efficiency, and coordinates the awarding of college credit, continuing education units (CEUs) for corporate education delivered by partner colleges.

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    Amy Palo

    Project Manager

    Amy has in-depth experience both in the public and private sector, this allows her to better understand both the instructional and corporate aspects of training from the initial client planning meeting until the execution of training delivery. As a Project Manager, she works closely with instructional facilitators to design programs that meet the specific and unique needs of each client.


    Vicki Christensen

    Project Manager

    Vicki works with the other Project Managers to coordinate the delivery of training solutions in order to support the SEIU Healthcare NW Training Partnership contract delivery team. In this position, she manages various instructors and staff, oversees scheduling of classes, and coordinates multiple priority projects often with a geographically distributed team.

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    Leda Hayes

    Program Coordinator

    Leda Hayes is a member of IPS’s SEIU Healthcare NW Training Partnership contract delivery team. She contributes to the logistics of the contract’s statewide courses by securing locations, purchasing supplies, and supporting both instructors and SEIU students. She additionally moderates regular Continuing Education webinars in the Blackboard Collaborate platform.

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    Malika Godo

    Program Assistant

    As a Program Assistant, Malika provides support for Continuing Education and Professional Development operations, as well as support to Project Manager, Amy Palo. Malika performs a variety of assignments such as monitoring financial records, preparing reports, establishing record keeping systems, processing registrations and responding to inquiries regarding college policies and procedures.

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    LaRee Rogers

    Fiscal Assistant

    In this position, LaRee maintains Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable while assisting Global Solutions Officer in financial reports. As the fiscal assistant, LaRee collaborates with IPS team members to meet client needs and support the fiscal growth of IPS.

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    Janet Mattson

    Program Specialist

    Janet provides support for SEIU Training Partnership who provide training and Continuing Education classes throughout Washington state.  Janet has a background in Technical and Soft Skills  training delivery, instructional design, and sales.

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    Alyssa Tumangday

    Program Specialist

    Alyssa provides support for SEIU Training Partnership who provide training and Continuing Education classes throughout Washington state.  She is an Internationally Educated Nurse working towards her registration in the US.

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    Janika Koske

    Program Specialist

    In this position, Janika provides support to the SEIU Healthcare NW Training Partnership contract delivery team. She manages attendance for SEIU training while maintaining records and contributing to the overall success at IPS.

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    Alexandra Vlaming

    Marketing Intern

    In this position, Alexandra maintains and develops IPS’s social media presence, maintains the company website and supports the Global Solutions Officer through a variety of business outreach projects.