Addressing the Skills Gap

It’s hard to work in organizational development and not run into to discussions of our economies “skills-gap.”  Unemployment is high despite a large number of job openings.  Sixty-seven percent of manufacturing companies are experiencing a shortage of qualified workers, according to last year’s Deloitte and Manufacturing Institute survey.  More than half expect the shortage to increase within the next three to five years.  As of January 2013 there were nationally 3.7 million job openings – a number unchanged from October.

Though there are many proposed answers to this issue, one that particularly resonates with us here at Invista Performance Solutions, are closer relationships between industry and the community college system. Community Colleges are particularly well positioned to address the lack of well-trained, skilled and certified workers across the country.  “Companies have to get more involved in the nitty gritty of training programs at community colleges because of the rapid changes in technology…” 

In delivering corporate education programs to local organizations we are closing this gap.  Participants in these programs grow their skills to advance their own careers and the college system examines, and responds to, the pressing talent needs of business.  These win-win situations are exactly what our economy needs to address the skills-gap and generational shift in the workplace.

What is your organization doing to connect with your local community and technical colleges?

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