Customer Service

The following outlines are examples of Customer Service training that we have provided to clients. All modules are fully customizable to your unique needs.

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Course Outlines

Customer Service: Exceeding Expectations

This program focuses on developing customer service skills for individuals with an emphasis on practicing communication. Key elements are a comprehensive self-assessment, customized case studies, guided discussion, foundational customer service concepts, and hands-on activities. A primary goal is to equip participants with capabilities to help differentiate your organization – so it’s thought of in a special way by your customers, and effective problem solving techniques that will impress your customers.

Customer Service Essentials

This workshop will look at all types of customers and how we can serve them better and improve ourselves in the process. This course is designed for all employees who need to recognize the strategies of better customer service with respect to attitude, customer’s needs, difficult situations and generating return business. It includes an emphasis on different strategies for diverse customer service interactions with an emphasis on applicable job skills.

Customer Service: Communicating with Customers

This program focuses on developing customer service skills for individuals who deal with external and internal customers. Key elements are pre and post assessments, guided discussion, foundational customer service concepts, and hands-on activities to develop professional skills in communicating with and de-escalating difficult or angry customers.

Customer Service for IT Help Desk Staff

Participants will gain critical knowledge and skills that will significantly improve inter-personal and professional interactions regarding help desk customer assistance and support at their organization. Industry best practices, proven communication skills, and skill-based exercises will be used to assure knowledge and skill transfer to the work environment is high.

Call Center Customer Service Training

Participants in this course sharpen their professional skills as Call Center representatives by learning the basics about diverse buyers, call center strategies and proper phone etiquette. They sharpen their communication and problem solving techniques, while also crafting goals and benchmarks for success.

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