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Invista Performance Solutions (IPS) Introduces…

The Supervisory Academy-Virtual Round Table Series!


The Supervisory Academy was such an amazing success that IPS is offering a variety of 75-minute Virtual Instructor-Led Training Sessions.  A unique session will be delivered every month over a period of 6 months from January to June 2019.  You can continue a great learning experience right from your own desk!


These Virtual Instructor-Led Training Sessions will include a brief presentation by an IPS expert on a topic relevant to supervisors, an opportunity to ask questions, and then a discussion on the topic with supervisors from other organizations.  The Virtual Training Sessions will also be recorded and made available to all participants for review.


The 6 topics of the Supervisory Series are:

  1. Motivating and Inspiring Your Team: Motivation is a critical component to employee engagement and productivity. Upon completion of this session, learners will be familiar with the factors that influence both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.  They will also be prepared to leverage both the state and trait of employee motivation.

2. Using Active and Effective Communication-Listening: Using time-tested and proven techniques of active and effective listening, supervisors can become more effective at both receiving and giving instructions. We’ll explore practices that lead to shared understanding through active and effective listening practices.    

 3. Giving Effective Feedback: Many employees feel disengaged from their organizations and work teams because they do not receive effective feedback. In this session, we’ll explore methods of having positive and even courageous conversations that facilitate engagement. Using proven methods of delivering feedback, we’ll increase shared understanding, clarity, and trust.

 4. Navigating Your Team Through Change: Change is a constant in all organizations. Supervisors need to lead through it, and help manage it to see their employees stay aware and engaged throughout. In this session, we introduce you to the stages of change, how people normally react to it, and methods for making transitions as smooth and seamless as possible.

5. Managing Conflict Within Your Team: Conflict within a team is both healthy and inevitable, if managed properly. In this session, we explore effective methods of handling conflict in safe and healthy ways that will ultimately lead to building cohesive teams with mutual trust.

 6. Developing Trust and Inclusion For a Diverse Team: Companies large and small are trying to figure out how to balance celebrating diversity while simultaneously maintaining a culture of loyalty and belonging. In this session, we’ll explore the point where uniqueness and belonging meet. We’ll push past the dated concepts of traditional diversity and inclusion and talk about all the dimensions of diversity and how to leverage them to build a cohesive team with mutual trust.  We’ll explore how belonging contributes to shared understanding and willingness to exercise structured initiative and accept prudent risk.

Please visit our website as information is updated regularly…  

The registration process, fees, and specific dates are still tentative, so stay tuned!


Invista Performance Solutions introduces Joe Willis: 

Facilitator of the Upcoming Virtual Instructor-Led Supervisory Round Table Series!



One of the best parts of working at Invista Performance Solutions (IPS) is building relationships with our instructors—knowledgeable, helpful, and extremely dedicated to helping their participants. IPS’ success is due to how we match our instructors’ skills, experience and educational background to each of our client’s training and development needs.


Joe Willis is truly passionate and experienced in honing leadership skills and building relationships in multi-cultural environments. He is devoted and committed to helping leaders and organizations succeed. As an organizational consultant, he’s worked with corporate and government executives, senior military leaders, law enforcement officers, small business owners, and businesses from coast to coast.


Joe has told us that he realized he wanted to work with our team from his very first conversation with Steven Kovacs, our Business Development Manager.  In his own words, he connects with our passion for training and educating adults, and he has been inspired by our approach.  “Invista truly cares about the adult learners’ experience and I believe I am a better trainer for having worked with them.”


For his first project with IPS, he designed and delivered a Sexual Harassment Prevention and Diversity Awareness training in six sessions for up to 40 participants each at Concrete Technology Corporation in Tacoma, WA. We utilized iClickers, an anonymous audience polling device, to engage participants in what can be a challenging topic. Joe’s evaluations were outstanding with 98% of the participants rating him as a ‘very good’ instructor and 100% of the participants recommending the course to others.


Joe participated in our bid on a Customer Service RFP for the Tacoma Public School District.  He was on the development team for the Customer Service CONNECT training program which was innovative in the way that it targeted organizational culture modification, not just skills trainings. Joe was one of the facilitators who then delivered a Train the Trainer (T3) for the Customer Service CONNECT program.  Joe contributed to the curriculum with his own unique teaching style, using real-life scenarios that the participants could relate to and in return received impressive scores from the post-training evaluations.


One of Joe’s most involved projects with IPS was a month long Learning Culture project for the Washington Office of Drinking Water (ODW).   During this program, Joe developed and delivered four 16-hour sessions and four 4-hour sessions on results-oriented communication for a learning culture.  Every employee that attended the training had a direct impact on their internal communication, problem-solving, conflict resolution, and learning culture.  ODW also asked Joe to be the guest speaker at their annual offsite conference.


Another project Joe did for IPS was a series of Time Management and Conflict Resolution workshops for Vadis Corporation in Sumner, WA.  During this series, he contextualized two critical skills to the company’s mission and needs of the employees and trained 100% of the staff.  He also developed and delivered an Adaptive Leader Workshop for Reischling (RPI) Print where he trained all of their supervisors during two different sessions as they prepared for an influx of seasonal workers.


Joe is an Army Veteran.  He retired as a First Sergeant in 2016 after 20-years as a Military Police Soldier and Leader.  During the last few years of his career he served as a Military Science and Tactics Instructor at West Point.  Joe taught MS100 (Squad Tactics) and portions of MX400 (Officership). He also routinely guest lectured for psychology and counseling courses.  As the US Military Academy’s Equal Opportunity Program Manager, Joe is a graduate of the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute and served as a member of the Superintendent’s primary staff.  He provided executive consultation to academy leadership, coordinated diversity events, and conducted training on diversity, EEO, and sexual harassment/assault prevention.


His credentials and degrees include a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from Excelsior College, Certified Mediator by the Justice Center of Atlanta, and a SHARP Facilitator.


If you want to see Joe in action check out IPS’ Approach to Training and Development where he demonstrates facilitation. You can also see a video of him as a keynote style speaker in Calibrating Moral Compasses When All Hell is Breaking Loose.


Stay tuned for more detailed information in the upcoming weeks about the Virtual Instructor-Led Supervisory Round Table Series! To receive updated information about this exciting new virtual series, sign up for our newsletters here!

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