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Join us for a full day of LIVE Instructor-led Workshops at the Supervisory Academy November 14th, 2019

Meet our Professional Trainers and See Workshop Descriptions Below!       Lead the Way: Leadership for Supervisors 8-Hour Workshop Facilitated By: Joe Willis   “All employees are entitled to outstanding leadership – You will provide that leadership.” In this 8-hour workshop you will examine leadership in an interactive forum that takes you on a…

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Identifying the Root of the Problem Isn’t Always Easy, or Is It?

In any organization, problems are as frequent and unwanted as solicitation phone calls and junk email. Often employees avoid solutions that merely address the symptoms of a much larger problem. Organizations often respond to problems with short-term solutions. However, constantly relying on quick fixes requires staff to repeat the same tasks over and over again,…

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The Happy Secret to Better Work

Society currently subscribes to a false formula for happiness: People believe that happiness will follow success. Yet with each new achievement, their brains set a new, higher bar, and contentment remains beyond reach. Reversing this formula by being optimistic even before you attain your goals refers to the “happiness advantage.” When you are positive, you become…

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WA State Offers Your Company Grant Funding for Training Programs!

Employee training and development is unfortunately often one of the initiatives that gets cut when budgets are tight.  But as your community college resource, Invista Performance Solutions (IPS) has a way to help your organization stretch your limited training budgets and still fund valuable employee training. IPS will access and coordinate funding from the State…

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Communicating Effectively is HARD Work – Infographic Included!

“Miscommunication Leads to Complication” – Lauryn Hill   Good communicators make communication look easy.  But it’s hard work – like doing weights at the gym or counting calories. Workplace communication is often the most difficult, which seems odd considering we spend more time with the people we work with than we do with our families.…

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Client Profile: Keurig Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) Course   The Need: Keurig Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR) approached Invista Performance Solutions (IPS) because they wanted to increase the effectiveness of the technicians on their troubleshooting team by giving them a working knowledge of how PLCs (Program Logic Controllers) work, and how they are implemented into GMCR’s manufacturing processes.…

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Our Approach to Consulting

“If you start with training and end with training, all you will get is the training.” Any training and development intervention will ultimately prove less than optimal result-wise if we have not assisted our client in identifying their organizational needs.  At IPS we craft a solid plan to deliver change interventions that actually solve organizational…

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Invista Performance Solutions introduces Joe Willis: Facilitator of the Upcoming Virtual Instructor-Led Supervisory Round Table Series!

One of the best parts of working at Invista Performance Solutions (IPS) is building relationships with our instructors—knowledgeable, helpful, and extremely dedicated to helping their participants. IPS’ success is due to how we match our instructors’ skills, experience and educational background to each of our client’s training and development needs.   Joe Willis is truly…

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Client Profile: Amazon R&D Center

Basic and Advanced Shop Tools and Safety Course   The Need: Invista Performance Solutions’ Staff (IPS) and IPS instructors met with Amazon and their maintenance management team to discuss how to establish a formal training program for maintenance staff at the Amazon R&D Center in Sumner. Amazon needed to upgrade the technical skills of its…

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