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Reap the Rewards of Leadership Investment

Unless you have an unlimited training budget you probably keep a close eye on your training expenditures. How does this affect your planning? Do you select courses based on lower cost and higher employee reach or do you more selectively cultivate members of your leadership team and other high potentials? Read more below to understand…

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Getting Ahead of the “Forgetting Curve” in Training

How many times have you attended a training seminar only to walk out the door and start your journey on the Forgetting Curve? Some studies indicate that without training reinforcement, we will forget half of what we learned immediately following the training. After 6 months to a year we can forget upwards of 75% or…

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How Do You Know If Your Employees Are Engaged?

“Companies with highly engaged workforces outperform their peers by 147% in earnings per share.” -Gallup At Invista Performance Solutions we hear first-hand concerns from organizations regarding employee performance. These aren’t always crystal clear performance needs or inquiries, but often a general sense that things could be working better and a desire to significantly improve them.…

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Invista Offers You State Funding for Corporate Training!

Do more with less—this is the mantra in organizations across America.  Get leaner, save money, and get it done in or under budget. Employee training and development is unfortunately often one of the initiatives that gets cut when budgets are tight.  But Invista Performance Solutions (IPS) has a way to help your organization stretch your…

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Set Your Compass with a Needs Analysis

Determining what kind of training you need to move your organization towards success can seem intuitive, but avoid the pitfalls of choosing the wrong kind of training by starting with the first step and conduct an effective Needs Assessment. One of my favorite questions to ask an organization that requests training is to describe where…

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