Celebrating the Success of Others

Olympic Rings

Last night, I was watching the Olympics and became fascinated with the back stories of families who sacrificed so much to support their athlete in pursuit of a medal.  I was moved by the mother who used credit cards to pay the $50 a day for her daughter to eat while at the games, the father who set aside his career to travel with his son on the ski circuit, and the sibling who gave up her spot at the games so her twin sister could compete instead.  That got me thinking about ways that I support those around me and their pursuit of a dream.

Every day, someone within our immediate family, friends, co-workers, or customers sets a goal and often achieves a major accomplishment.   If we are aware, we send friends a congratulatory tweet, text or virtual high–five.  We hug our children when they get a 100% on a math or spelling test, and send a balloon bouquet to co-workers who reach a major milestone in their performance.  Celebrating the success of others is important as it says “you are important” and “I appreciate what you have done.”  This recognition should extend to our customers.

This morning, I read a great article about one of our clients, P&J Machining, in the February 14-20, 2014 edition of the Puget Sound Business Journal that highlighted their pursuit of automated robotics as well as the growth and success of the business.  The COO, Paul Hogoboom, set a goal to increase efficiency and production and the company has experienced double digit growth in sales over the last two consecutive years.  That is cause for celebration. Naturally, our team planned to recognize this achievement. So, we sent P&J Machining a Knock-em & Sock-em Robot game.  What will you do to celebrate the success of others?

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