Fostering Respect in a Diverse Workplace

This is a blog written by Myra Downing our expert Facilitator for the Supervisory Academy session titled “Fostering Respect in a Diverse Workplace.”


Just when you think you have things somewhat figured out and feel confident that you won’t say the wrong thing, you find out that there is still more to learn. On the other hand, have you ever had the experience when you knew something went wrong during an interaction you had with someone but you weren’t sure what happened? Now, as a supervisor, in addition to managing your own “stuff”, you have been given the responsibility of creating a safe work culture.   This culture ensures a safe place for all people to thrive in while being themselves and working with others who may have different life experiences based on their cultural identity, background, gender, age, etc.


My life’s work focuses on creating a space for people to safely explore differences and learn what they know and don’t know.  This is done by clearly defining culture and its dimensions, evaluating the impact of cultural perspectives on communication styles, and identifying behaviors and strategies to grow through accepting those differences.  This workshop will focus on being clear about what is respect for yourself as well as what respectful behavior means to others.  We will work together to provide you with some information and insight that will assist you in your supervisory role.


By the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Establish a common ground of understanding by defining culture and its dimensions
  • Define respect and identify respectful behavior
  • Explore and answer the question “Why are we still having courses on diversity and inclusion?”
  • Compare and contrast high low context cultures and evaluate the impact of these differences
  • Explore myths and stereotypes and the trigger words and behaviors that are generated from them
  • Evaluate the impact of cultural perspectives and communication styles on an individual’s ability to effectively interact with others
  • Identify and explore issues and possible strategies for supervisors that will create a respectful workplace that embraces diversity


For more information about Myra Downing and her impressive background, click here to see her biography of all her professional accomplishments and her skill sets.


This is just one of the four sessions at The Supervisory Academy on November 1st:

  • Supervising is Leading – Leadership Development
  • Communicating Effectively with Your Team
  • Fostering Respect In a Diverse Workplace
  • Techniques of Coaching and Mentoring


To register for this event and see detailed information about her session and the other sessions please click here!

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