Spring is here…


Spring is here, and along with it a shift in mindset. For me, spring means that the climbing season is back, and I can dust off my gear and rope, and prepare for a summer full of adventures. At work, it means longer days, nicer weather, and more creative inspiration. Spring is also the traditional time for cleaning.

Our office has a scheduled spring cleaning day, and we all plan to pitch in and clean off cluttered shelves, wipe down countertops, and get rid of those unneeded files. But this is also a good time to clean more than shelves and dust. Clean out your mind, and let springtime lend you some rejuvenation. Take a long walk outside, or just look at the sunshine, and let the improving weather change your mindset. Instead of stressing out, take a deep breath, and decide what the next step is. Remember, very few things are permanent, and life is short, so enjoy as much of it as you can.

What kind spring cleaning are you planning? Literal? Or metaphorical?

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