Supervising is Leading – Leadership Development

This is a blog written by one of our subject matter experts who will be facilitating at the Supervisory Academy on November 1st. Dr. John Inman will be facilitating the session titled “Supervising is Leading – Leadership Development.”


We humans learn together and create change through conversation. Conversational leadership provides an alternative to the “expert” model of leadership. The world is entirely too complex and challenging to assume that only a few people have the wisdom to lead. The current economic crisis is only one example. Team members from the executive level to the front line supervisors are longing for organization cultures that support respectful interactions. Understanding the principles of conversational leadership will help us transform our organizations to ones that are based on high-performance relationships.


This experiential interactive seminar is designed to engage you in a dialogue about leadership. You will explore the meaning, purpose, and role of leadership while seeking ways to apply those practices on your own teams.   This seminar focuses on the special kinds of meaningful conversations leaders bring that create excellence and motivation in your organization.


Where other leadership courses may focus on leadership styles and attributes, in this seminar we will focus on the local conversations that can be demonstrated regardless of leadership style. We have a choice on how to engage with others. Exploring what this looks like in an experiential setting will provide you with hands-on experience on what it feels like to be a “conversational” leader.


In our Western Culture our conversational practices are often based on discussion and debate which create win/lose conversations. Our rational perspectives assume that there is one right answer and we often fight to get our answer to be recognized as the right answer. In a conversational leadership paradigm, the answers to our pressing questions are emergent. We are not driving to the right answer, we are engaging in dialogue and allowing the answer to emerge from the conversation.


When we demonstrate respect through genuine curiosity in others and their ideas and allow team members to be heard, we can begin to work together to create more successful organizations.


By the end of the session, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the difference between leadership, being a leader and the role of a supervisor
  • Understand the emerging conversational model of leadership
  • Experience using a conversational model of leadership
  • Understand the complex nature of change in organizations


For more information about Dr. John Inman and his impressive background, click here to see his biography of all his professional accomplishments and his skill sets.


This is just one of the four sessions at The Supervisory Academy on November 1st:

  • Supervising  is Leading – Leadership Development
  • Communicating Effectively with Your Team
  • Fostering Respect In a Diverse Workplace
  • Techniques of Coaching and Mentoring


To register for this event and see detailed information about her session and the other sessions please click here!


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