Heritage Distilling Company has grown by leaps and bounds in partnership with Invista Performance Solutions’ (IPS) training and development programs.

Our partnership began in 2019 with an assessment of their company needs. Heritage had a vision to grow but they needed help in some areas of the business to successfully accomplish this. The video tells the success of this story but how did it come to be?

Beginning with a formal business needs assessment and Systems & Operational Assessment, a strategic plan to facilitate growth and employee skills development was implemented.  IPS’s training partner, Impact Washington, organized a plan to implement Training Within Industry (TWI), Plant Layout, Lean Manufacturing, Job Standardization, Strategic Production Planning, Supply Chain & Inventory Management. Invista Performance Solutions rounded out the project to include other hands-on training such as Project Management, OSHA 10 & 30 and Forklift Training.

Fast forward to today, Heritage has expanded to their newest location with production, an events center, retail store, and a very welcoming tasting room. Heritage Distilling has invested in their workforce by helping them develop individual transferable skills. Dain Grimmer, Senior Director of Production & Potions Master, who completed the Project Management course explained to us at our site visit how it has helped him broaden his professional skills.  Dain described his early origins at Heritage, starting with cleaning distilling tanks. Through the sponsored training program, he has been able to elevate himself and has earned the title of “Senior Director of Production & Potion Master”.

The training program has not been without its challenges. When Covid-19 disrupted production, the employee engagement focus shifted to incorporate training at a far more robust pace. Additionally, during this disruption, Heritage upheld their commitment to the community and their employees by incorporating flexible schedules and adapting to hand sanitizer production.

In this video Wendy speaks about the challenges Heritage Distilling faced and how they were able to achieve their accomplishments through our partnership. She emphasizes the value Invista Performance Solutions and Impact Washington have brought to furthering her company’s strategic goals and developments.

Some very specific improvements our project has created are:


  1. Reduction in time to plan material requirements– they are now auditing inventory, project supply and calculating material needs as orders are received. They expect to see 30 hours being saved in a week!
  2. Improvement in system data accuracy
  3. Improvement in allocation of capital, strategically stocking inventory where it is needed-leading to the reduction of lost sales, expired inventory or overbuying
  4. Better visibility of long lead time buy and make items, and longer-term production schedules


IPS has many years of experience understanding your business specific needs. We are experts at designing solutions to help you reach your next level of success.

We are pleased to have this partnership and be part of their growth and success as we have with other businesses in our community.  We look forward to helping your business thrive! We invite you to review other trainings available and tell us how we can support your organization. If you haven’t yet, we invite you to watch the attached video where Wendy expresses her gratitude towards IPS and why you should consider training.