De-Escalation & Active Threat Training

The following outlines are examples of De-Escalation &  Active Threat training that we can fully customize to meet your unique needs.

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Course Outlines

Verbal De-Escalation

This course is designed to effectively train participants in verbal de-escalation techniques that include situational awareness, body language, and verbal signs of a potential workplace crisis. You will learn skills to effectively diffuse a highly agitated person, and techniques that minimize your exposure to workplace violence or verbal crisis events.

Responding to Active Threats and Workplace Violence

This course is designed to help protect and save lives in active threat situations using principles and techniques adapted from Verbal Judo® and other recognized de-escalation programs.  There will also be discussion surrounding different strategies for gaining voluntary compliance in potential threat scenarios through a friendly approach by emphasizing greeting, setting basis for the discussion, preliminary negotiation toward problem-solving, and closure.