Project Management

The following outlines are examples of Project Management training that we have provided to clients. All modules are fully customizable to your unique needs.

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Introduction to Project Management

A 16-hour course introducing key elements of project management body of knowledge.  This foundational course prepares participants for the courses listed below.

This course is intended to provide the basics of project management: 

  • Defining the Project (tools - Project Charter and Budget)
  • Building the Project Team (tools – RACI Matrix); Kickoff Meeting (tools – Risk Matrix, Timeline, RACI Matrix review)
  • Efficient Meetings (tools – Video “Meetings, Bloody Meetings,” Meeting Agenda template)
  • Project Control (tools – Meeting Minutes, Issues List, Escalation Matrix)
  • Planning and Estimating (tools – Brainstorming, Problem Solving Techniques)
  • Project Plan and Timeline (tools – Excel, MS Project, Dashboard)
  • Project Interfaces such as Vendors, Consultants, End Users
  • Project Documentation and Communication (tools – Data Repository, Version Control)
  • Change Management (tools – Training)
  • Project Closure (tools – Buyoff, Contract Closure, Lessons Learned)

Project Estimating and Budgeting

An 8-hour course to teach effective estimating and budgeting of the planning, design, and implementation stage of projects. Course topics include:

  • Estimating Techniques
  • Estimating Methods
  • Budget

Managing Project Risk

an 8-hour course to provide tools and techniques needed to analyze and manage project risks in large and small public projects, and to communicate the range of costs and durations to decision-makers and stakeholders. Course topics include:

  • Risk and Risk Mitigation Strategies
  • Risk Identification during WBS Creation and during Project Execution
  • Risk Incorporated into Estimate
  • Risk Management and Monitoring Plan
  • Risk Register Components

PMP Exam Preparation

a 40-hour intensive course of study to prepare individuals to take and pass the PMP exam.

Critical Path Scheduling

An 8-hour course designed to help participants understand the sequence of tasks that must be managed carefully for project success. Participants will work in groups to apply project management tools and concepts to a real project. Course topics include:

  • What is a Project Schedule
  • What is NOT a Project Schedule
  • Project Schedule Sources
  • Creating the Project Schedule
  • Schedule Exercise
  • Project Schedule Importance

Project Leadership

An 8-hour course about managing people in a team environment for people who want to better manage the human aspects of project control. Course topics include:

  • Building Trust, Individual Work Style Assessments, Team Building
  • Workplace Differences, Productive Meetings
  • Communication Techniques
  • Business Case Study

Managing Scope, Schedule and Budget

a 16-hour course to help participants understand and manage the interrelationship of scope, schedule and budget to drive project success. Course topics include:

  • Workshop Practicum Exercise
  • Overview of Project Controls – How are We Doing?
  • PDA “Prevention, Detection, Action”
  • Dashboard Minimums

Managing Project Performance and Earned Value

a 16-hour course to give participants the skills required to control projects by carefully monitoring, measuring and managing project performance. Course topics include:

  • Snapshot and Trending Data Gathering and Reporting
  • Status Meetings
  • Earned Value Terminology
  • Earned Value Exercise
  • Dashboards