Team Building

The following outlines are examples of Team Building training that we have provided to clients. All modules are fully customizable to your unique needs.

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Assessment Tools

To support our training programs, we have numerous assessment tools to help teams and team members discover their unique strengths and cohesiveness, based on personality, temperament types, social/communication styles, and brain dominance. Examples of profiles we employ are: DiSC, MBTI, Social Styles®, Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® (HBDI), Strengths Finder® and many others. We will consult with you during the needs analysis phase on your goals and which tools are best for your organization.

Course Outlines

Building Trust

Participants learn the fundamentals of what trust is in business relationships, how to build it and avoid damaging it. The program includes discussion and goal setting to reinforce the behaviors that lead to collaboration and effectiveness.

Interdepartmental Teamwork

Participants review the essential differences between teamwork and cross-departmental teams. They work on communication and cooperation strategies that build trust and create a common vision for cross-department effectiveness.

Effective Teams

This course covers the basics of team building in 4 hours. Participants discover a team effectiveness model, and learn about the dynamics of interpersonal communication and trust. Each person leaves with a concrete plan to improve their own work as a team member or supervisor.

Managing Teams

Participants begin with team development basics and move on to team processes, procedures and roles. The participants move from the role of team managers to assessing their readiness to take on the responsibility and exercise the skills required in team leadership.


This 8-hour course takes a deeper dive into the topics of Effective Teams (see above) for managers and supervisors. It adds in content and exercises to cover team problem solving, decision making, and resolving conflict. There is great emphasis on fostering interpersonal relationships between individuals and how they strengthen the team.