Train the Trainer

The following outlines are examples of Train the Trainer training that we have provided to clients. All modules are fully customizable to your unique needs.

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We approach Train the Trainer in several ways depending upon your organizational needs.

Train the Trainer (T3) for Classroom Training

We can create a T3 for your managers, supervisors, leads and internal facilitators that will enable them to facilitate classroom training that actively engages learners and results in changed behaviors. They will understand adult learning theory, develop a training plan, and practice various training techniques to improve their facilitation skills.

Train the Trainer for On-the-Job Training

Our On-the-Job T3 allows your subject matter experts, supervisors, managers, leads to transfer their job knowledge and skills using a hands-on structured process that can be used repeatedly. They learn to breakdown a job into discreet tasks and practice delivering instruction on those individual tasks.

Train the Trainer for Your Own In-house Training Program

We train your internal facilitators to deliver topical programs specific to your organization, whether pre-existing or new programs. They learn how to deliver by observing our expert trainers, and then practice facilitating training while under our supervision and coaching. We combine your company-specific training content with training in classroom facilitation (see above) to develop your own in-house experts. We have done this for Diversity & Inclusion, Customer Service, and Management Development courses.

Course Outlines

Train the Trainer – Classroom Skills

This interactive workshop is intended for new facilitators who want to develop and/or improve their facilitation skills.  Participants learn about fundamental facilitation tools and a structured process that can be applied to any type of facilitated session, whether it is a staff meeting, planning session, community-based meeting, a brainstorming session, or any kind of meeting that you want to be meaningful and productive.

Advanced Train the Trainer – Classroom Skills

This advanced course takes a deeper dive into adult learning theory and instructional design. Participants will learn how to analyze learning needs, select the right training approach and specific tools and techniques for effective delivery. This multi-day course is designed to be delivered with time in between each session allowing opportunity for application and practice.

Train the Trainer for Technical/On-the-Job Training

The demands of developing a flexible workforce and training employees require standardized best practices. Participants learn to develop and deliver training in a structured fashion. They practice how to set the stage for instruction, effectively demonstrate the task, observe and coach the operator and taper off coaching with proper follow-up. The course concludes with application activities in which the participants explore the process and receive feedback from the facilitator and fellow class participants.