city of tacoma

The City of Tacoma has maintained a long term training partnership with Tacoma Community College (now Invista Performance Solutions or IPS) since City employees first participated in management and supervisory courses at Downtown Tacoma Community College (DTC) campus in 1981. The longevity of the program reflects the City’s important need for employee management and supervisory development and the College’s ability to respond with a high quality professional training program. It further demonstrates the positive collaboration between the City of Tacoma and Tacoma Community College (now IPS) for over 30 years to support this client-based program.

As City employees advance into supervisory and managerial positions, they are required to have college degrees. Working with TCC, the City envisioned a program to both support supervisory and managerial practical skill growth and educational achievement. The SMG certificate program fulfills both those needs for the City and its employees.

“As a City of Tacoma employee, I was fortunate to take the Supervision and Management courses.  Having an MBA from the University of Washington, I found Invista’s classes to be an invaluable and practical supplement to my graduate-level studies.  People from all professions, levels in an organization, or stages in their career can benefit from the topics covered.  I find myself to this day routinely reviewing class materials presented by Invista’s SMG.” – Clay Krauss, former City of Tacoma manager and current Director of IT at Tacoma Community College.

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