One of IPS’s key strengths is its ability to work with client staff to really partner in identifying needs and providing solutions. At the beginning of the year, IPS staff met with Carol Mitchell, new Organizational Development and HR Manager at Metro Parks.  We discussed the delivery of a variety of classes; however, the usual training delivery proposal based on that first meeting did not result in a contract for just training.  A series of assessment and planning meetings resulted in an overall organizational development objective related to the organization’s annual performance review process.

A working partnership developed with the objective of moving the old performance review system into the 21st century with an emphasis on the revision of the tool utilized. This facilitated movement to a system adaptation that would motivate employees and improve performance, initiate a separate Individual Development Plan tool, and train employees to successfully implement the tool.

The results of the project were successful and Invista will continue to work with Metro Parks in 2016.  As a final comment on the project, Metro Park’s Carol Mitchell told IPS that she “especially valued the creative design work Metro Parks did with Myra. Her energy and outside-the-box thinking helped breathe new life into our individual development process.”

Metro Parks Client Profile