More than a decade ago one could argue that almost all organizations in the future would require their workforce to be computer literate due to the newer processes, technological advances, and in an effort to increase efficiency and effectiveness. Well, the future is here, and according to the Department of Labor and Statistics, 80-90% of all job requisitions require or desire computer literacy of some sort.

Modern business is forever changing; however, one thing for certain is that almost the entire workforce will utilize computers, computer programs, and technological processes involving computers to improve their business processes and practices. Having a workforce that is computer literate increases confidence among teams, empowers teams to take the initiative in streamlining processes, and overall creates a more collaborative work environment.

The Microsoft Office Suite is among one of the most commonly utilized computer software programs in modern business today. Microsoft Word is being utilized in various document construction from business correspondence, workplace instruction, and contracts, etc. Many organizations are utilizing Microsoft Excel to organize and manipulate numerical data, and creating charts to measure the effectiveness of business processes, etc. There are a multitude of applications utilized across the gamut of Microsoft software programs which is why many organizations today require or desire these skill sets on board with their current and future workforce.

There is a computer literacy pre-requisite for most programs at technical colleges, workforce development agencies, as well as vocational rehabilitation institutions, to name a few. The workforce culture has been dramatically innovative in incorporating many of these skills even outside the Information Technology industry; and many organizations, non-traditional, and small businesses recognize this trend and see the necessity. Imagine if you had an entire Human Resources department savvy with numerous computer programs to assist them in providing human resources; or what if the maintenance department of an organization could independently create a technological system of tracking internal work requests, maintenance orders, inventory, and provide reporting via Microsoft Excel? Many corporations, large and small have already adopted these systems; contrarily, many have not.

Computer literacy in modern business across industries where one may deem this skill-set atypical is paramount in creating leaner processes, increasing efficiency, effectiveness, accuracy, and productivity. Contact us today for more information on customized training programs on Computer skills that can help boost efficiency at your organization!

This guest blog is written by an instructional facilitator, Vincent Calip, employed by Invista Performance Solutions