Knowing your own personality type can be a fascinating way of understanding yourself at a deeper level.  The Meyers Briggs Type Indicator assessment tool breaks personalities down into 16 different types.  Check out the free test here to find out what your type is.  You may be very surprised at how well the tool’s results point out your own preferences for how you act, think or feel much of the time.  When people on our team took the test, many commented, “The test results pointed me exactly to who I know I am!”

The MBTI has so many great uses; here are just a few:

  • It provides a structure for understanding the diversity of human personalities.
  • It can help you understand your family, team, or business unit better.
  • It helps you assess how you are both similar and different from others so that you can truly understand and work better with others.
  • It emphasizes the real value of diversity in human thought and personalities; there is no wrong or bad type.
  • It can provide insight when making life choices, especially around careers.

Research on personality types demonstrates consistently that certain types of people gravitate towards specific types of jobs, based on their own natural strengths and preferences.  It shouldn’t surprise you if you find yourself motivated by and pursuing work that coincidentally fits your personality type.  One might say, you were made to do that job!   If you are in a career search right now, the MBTI assessment could very well assist you by suggesting careers to consider and jobs that would fit you very well.

Invista Performance Solutions’ (IPS) consultants use the MBTI and other personality type assessments to support local organizations who are developing their leadership, building their teams, offering coaching support, and enhancing communication skills among their diverse employee groups.  The tools are simply indispensable!

IPS is grateful to Sage Corporation for sharing the infographic below, which demonstrates visually how people, characterized by 5 of the 16 different Meyers-Briggs personality types, are attracted to and thrive in various roles and positions in the business world, whether in corporate business or as entrepreneurs.  The infographic was contained in their original blog,   We hope you find it as fascinating as we did!