Emotions ignite enthusiasm, energy, competitiveness, thinking and creativity. Great leaders recognize and manage their own emotions while understanding the emotions of others.  The research is clear about this: success as a supervisor not only depends on your IQ (intelligence) but on your EQ (emotional intelligence).  Emotional intelligence (EI) is essential for working successfully with a team and EI skills enable you to be successful both personally and professionally. Your emotional self-management leads to you being trusted and respected. The session starts you on the journey of raising your EI, influencing your leadership skills, and inspiring your top performance with your team.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain what EI is and how your brain works with it
  • Identify your Emotional Intelligence score
  • Use tools and practices to identify and regulate your own emotions
  • Practice EI techniques that benefit your team
  • Raise your team’s EI
  • Develop an EI leadership action plan for your future