The End Of Customer Service Training As We Know It?


This year, Invista Performance Solutions (IPS) has entirely redesigned its Customer Service training curriculum.  The changes, based on current best practices and new research, allow IPS to offer new client training outcomes, which target organizational culture modification, not just direct customer services.

As the result of our work, IPS is now pleased to offer CX: Customer Experience training.  If your organization would like to explore this new endeavor, we would love to talk about this customizable program.

What can be included in CX training?

  • CX Touchpoints–As a result of Customer Experience training, staff know how to develop, design and deliver meaningful customer experiences: experiences that customers will remember and talk about favorably! For an example of a ‘touchpoint CX experience’ click here and note how you, yourself, feel after viewing this CX endeavor.


  • Training for staff who think they don’t provide customer service. IPS offers an opportunity for its clients to approach CX in a whole new, creative manner–a way that allows staff to begin to see that every staff member provides CX-not just staff who provide direct face-to-face customer service delivery.


  • Increased staff excitement and commitment to the customer experience and their own ‘opportunity’ to create and provide that experience!


  • Opportunities for your staff to identify and create customer experience feedback opportunities for their ‘own’ previously unknown customers.


  • Design of your own organizational CX – Customer Experience culture and philosophy.


Commit your organization to a new, exciting way of looking at customer experience!

Call or email today to learn more about our new program! Contact us here.