Employer Reskill/Upskill Fund Frequently Asked Questions

Pierce County’s Workforce Central, Business Solutions Team has recently announced the opportunity for businesses to access the Reskill/Upskill Fund to cover the costs of employee training and development programs, up to $30K per business.

What is the purpose of the Employer Reskill/Upskill Fund?

The purpose of the Employer Reskill/Upskill Fund is to fund your company’s training that results in either:
1. Skill attainment for employees, or
2. Training that results in process improvement that contributes to the competitiveness and productivity of a business.

What employers are eligible to apply?
Pierce County employers. Businesses must be current in unemployment insurance and worker’s compensation taxes, penalties, and/or interest or related payment plan and not laid off workers within 120 days to Washington from another state. Businesses must also be in an in-demand industry.

What kind of training may be funded by the Program?
This Fund helps cover the costs of training needed to retain a competitive workforce. Examples include training for expansion, new technology, retooling, new services/product lines, and/or new organizational structuring. Additionally, this Fund can help to avert potential layoffs of employees.

What is the maximum amount for which a business can apply?
The Employer Reskill/Upskill Fund is limited and is awarded in a non-competitive bid process. Awards are based on meeting eligibility criteria, intent, and selection criteria. The maximum award is $30,000 per grant.

Is there an employer contribution required to receive a grant?
Yes. Employers participating in incumbent worker training are required to match the federal share of the cost of providing training with either cash or in-kind through wages and benefits paid to employees during the training hours. The employer share is based on the size of their workforce as follows:

Number of employees Employer Cost Match Requirement
50 or fewer employees = 10% of the total project
51-100 employees = 25% of the total project
101 or more employees = 50% of the total project

How does a business submit an application?
Invista Performance Solutions will provide free support with identifying your training needs and helping write your application.  The application must demonstrate the effect of the proposed training on business operations and must identify the skills to be attained by employees. Funds awarded for a project will be expended on training activities that take place only in Washington.  Other conditions may apply.

Reach out to us at IPS and we will start you on the process today!