Have you dealt with situations requiring a decision, but you are not sure how to proceed? When faced with a complex decision having many moving parts, you may not know where to start or even how to evaluate your options. If you are at a stage in your supervisory career when employees are looking to you for direction, and you need to make timely, meaningful decisions, this course will help get you there.  The skills you learn will help you resolve the  anxieties associated with making decisions, providing you with a better understanding, reliable methods, and a proven process.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Determine when a decisions can either be a resolution to a problem, or a means to implement a course of action.
  • Apply the elements and steps in a decision-making process: analyze, assess, create options, plan, and evaluate
  • Distinguish between different types of decisions and pursue the correct course for each one
  • Use a matrix tool to help you sort out tough decisions: time, risk, manageability, expense, practicality, effectiveness
  • Determine when to involve those around you, or over you, in the process
  • Learn to apply self-control to reduce stress and improve your decision-making