One of the best parts of working at Invista Performance Solutions is building relationships with our instructors—knowledgeable, helpful, and extremely dedicated to helping their students. IPS’ success is due to how we match our instructors’ skills, experience and educational background to each of our client’s training and development needs.

Joe Willis is truly passionate and experienced in honing leadership skills and building relationships in multi-cultural environments. His area of expertise is equal opportunity and diversity training. In this training, he focuses on engaging participants and helping them become aware and conscious of their actions in diverse workplaces. He also specializes in Resilience training—training participants to effectively handle barriers and stumbling blocks to achieving their goals.  After his training, participants are more equipped to find a way around them and through them to success.

Joe has told us that he realized he wanted to work with our team from his very first conversation with Steven, our Business Development Manager. He connects with our “passion for training and educating adults” and he “has been inspired by [our] approach.  Invista truly cares about the adult learners’ experience and I believe I am a better trainer for having worked with them.”

For his first project with IPS, he designed and delivered a Sexual Harassment and Diversity Awareness training in six sessions of up to 40 participants at Concrete Technology Corporation in Tacoma, WA. We utilized iClickers, anonymous audience polling devices, to engage participants in what can be a challenging topic. Joe’s evaluations were outstanding with 98% of the participants rating him as a Good to Very Good instructor and 100% would recommend the course to others. Most recently, Joe participated in our bid on a Customer Service RFP. He demonstrated interactive learning activities for our video here: IPS’ Approach to Training and Development

Joe Willis has also trained leaders in the military and spent most of his time in leadership roles. As a Military Science and Tactics Instructor, Joe taught MS100 (Squad Tactics) and portions of MX400 (Officership). He also routinely guest lectured for psychology and counseling courses.  As the US Military Academy’s Equal Opportunity Program Manager, Joe is a graduate of the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute and served as a member of the Superintendent’s primary staff.  He has provided executive consultation to academy leadership, coordinated diversity events, and conducted training on diversity, EEO, and sexual harassment/assault prevention.

His credentials and degrees include a Bachelors of Arts in Business Administration from Excelsior College; he is a Certified Mediator by the Justice Center of Atlanta, and a SHARP Facilitator.