Organizations need capable leaders and IPS has been on the forefront of that development process for a decade. We have delivered thousands of hours of training to supervisors and managers on their leadership journey through dozens of courses at over 100 companies. We have addressed many of the core competencies which the research indicates makes for great leaders.

We put our best and brightest heads and our best training content together and are now proud to release a unified multi-month end-to-end leadership development program that covers ALL the essential knowledge, competencies, and skills to develop essential leaders. This program is long term and comprehensive; it cannot be delivered in less than 6 months and we heartily recommend 9-12 months to complete it.

The program is intended for anyone at any level who is motivated by the drive and desire to lead. The focus is on growing potential leaders, new leaders, or those who have not ever had the benefit of a leadership program at all, even though they have responsibility for others.