Invista Performance Solutions (IPS) has proven again the power of assessments at one of our clients here in the Tacoma area. Psychometric tests which measure skills, knowledge, attitudes, abilities and personality traits are increasingly being used by Human Resources as pre-employment tools and are also being used to support training.  Although these tests can be extremely useful, it is important to make sure that the tool selected is both reliable and consistent.

One of the most important uses of a psychometric test may be one that you haven’t considered-participants completing the tool and then trained in its application have a shared body of information with all the employees participating.  Results can be applied readily to your organization’s workplace, and participant interest and engagement in applying the results is high. The selection and utilization of psychometric tests assists participants in specific areas:

  • – improving teamwork
  • – collaborating positively with other co-workers
  • – raising self-awareness about skills and abilities


IPS helps clients utilize and select psychometric tests based on their specific needs.   One popular tool is the EQ (or Emotional Intelligence Tool).  During 2016, Janaki Severy, one of IPS’ facilitators completed two EQ training sessions for the City of Tacoma, a long-time client. The EQ test was completed in advance of the course and the results were utilized in the training itself.

 “Every decision that a human being makes is an emotional decision.”

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) has been defined as an individual’s ability to use and apply emotions in the workplace.  Essi Systems’ EQ Map, for example, indicates that EQ is a “multidimensional assessment that helps you discover the many facets that make up your personal emotional intelligence and its relationship to your performance, creativity, and success.  Their EQ Map has been extensively researched, norm-tested and is a statistically reliable tool that measures emotional intelligence in an adult workplace population. One of the interesting facets of this psychometric assessment is that unlike others, it is not static but can be improved.  A personal profile identifies your strengths and vulnerabilities.  There are details and recommendations for changing EQ performance. The assessment takes only 15 minutes.  Participants and IPS clients who have used this tool, have consistently evaluated it highly as a tool for change in the workplace.

Selecting the appropriate psychometric assessment can prove to be complex and time-consuming.  Since the price of these tools can vary greatly, from no cost at all, to very high costs for each tool administered, it is important to select the tool that will result in the greatest benefit to your organization and the training participants.

IPS can assist with both selection and employee training. We have facilitators who are certified in many of these psychometric tests, and who have considerable amounts of experience and expertise in using them in the workplace setting.