Part II: Content Curation Ensures Continuous Employee Learning

IPS recommends curation as a part of one of our learning campaigns!

In the last few years, I have grown to be very proud to be a part of Invista Performance Solutions.

Our ‘small community colleges partnership’ offers and delivers the best, top-level, customized training to our clients.  We don’t just show up and provide an 8 hour off-the-shelf training and/or development activity.

What we offer is training that truly supports organizational, mission-related deliverables that will result in measurable, identified employee training skills needed and identified by the organization.
And since development and training successes are long-term, we work with our clients long-term to achieve measurable objectives.

One of the sure ways to ensure long-term success is to offer continuous growth opportunities related to the identified skill outcomes desired.  Curation is ideal for this because:

  • Curated resources and materials can be made available to the organization’s employees on their own internet.
  • Initially IPS can assist in identifying worthwhile materials and resources and help to set up the access process.
  • Research supports learning that is self-selected by the participant, so making a wide range of resources available that are related to the skill
  • Opportunities to find and use curated resources on the organization intranet can be planned for use both before, during and after a training/development deliverable.
  • An organization’s curated materials can be easily selected and maintained by one of the organization’s employees once they are trained. This also means that this employee can help engage employees in selecting and using curated materials.

For more basic information on curation, see both the articles indicated below.

Contact us to discuss how we can help make learning and development experiences result in actual improved employee observable skill development.


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