Employee training and development is unfortunately one of the initiatives that gets cut when budgets are tight and funds are tight for businesses everywhere. WA State has a program that directly helps your organization stretch your limited training budgets and still fund valuable employee training.

Let Invista, as your Pierce County Community Colleges access and coordinate rebates from the State of Washington for training programs for your company today.  The application process is easy, and hundred of thousands in tax credit funds are currently available!

Customized Training Program

The program was created by the State Legislature to provide training assistance to WA businesses that pay B&O taxes. This program entitles your business to a tax credit equal to 50% of the costs of your training program as you pay the State back for the total. This is a revolving fund and tax credit funds are currently availableThere is no deadline to apply for these funds but applications are considered first come, first served basis.

Have a look at how some of our past clients have used the CTP funding opportunity for training programs:

  • SAFE Boats – Marine Industrial Technical Skills certification training
  • Shining Ocean Inc. – Lean 101, Process Improvement, Kaizen
  • Ionic – Lean 101, Process Improvement, Kaizen
  • Reischling Press – Managing the Seasonal Workforce; Supervisory and Lead Training
  • General Plastics – Teamwork Essentials, Continuous Improvement, Supervisory Success and Front-Line Essentials, Introduction to Manufacturing, Project Management
  • Financial Pacific Leasing – Leadership and Supervision Series
  • GM Nameplate – Customized Workplace ESL and Basic Skills training


See our Resource Page for more info on how the CTP application process works and any additional details.


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