“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”- Henry Ford

Would you like to….

  • Foster a more collaborative team environment at your organization?
  • Align your team members’ efforts around a common mission or set of goals?
  • See your team members more connected relationally?
  • Strengthen your team’s ability to communicate with each other?
  • Boost productivity and streamline processes?
  • Establish and develop your organizational culture around common norms, needs and open expectations?
  • Help your team understand their differences, turning them into strengths, instead of conflicts?

How can Invista help Your Organization with Successful Teambuilding Meetings?

We provide professional group facilitators who work with you to design a specific agenda and set of activities that accomplish your goals for your team.  We then can facilitate discussions and healthy dialogue on crucial topics, guide group planning goal and strategy sessions, assess team members personalities, communication styles and preferences, mediate team conflicts and tensions, provide guidance and structure for setting norms, problem solving and decision-making, and organize activities that connect members and stimulate professional and personal growth.

Every team needs something different.  You choose from among these different types of sessions to develop a tailored session specifically for your team. 

We Plan Ahead With You

As with any other meeting, planning ahead is the best way to ensure good use of participants’ time and successful outcomes. We start with finding out exactly which aspect(s) your team needs to improve on. This will help us identify suitable activities that includes everyone. We communicate that team building is important, but it will still be fun and engaging. Our sessions can be great occasions to celebrate team successes and strengths.

We will spend time with you discussing your team’s current weaknesses and strengths. Does your team need to improve its communication, get to know each other better, improve trust, pull in the same direction, or become more agile? Identifying areas for improvements will guide us in selecting useful team building activities. Different team building activities address different issues.

We Include Everyone

Teambuilding meetings are all about the team members, and creating an open environment for all of them. We make sure to plan activities and facilitate in ways that do not exclude or alienate certain team members based on aspects of their differences. We choose activities everyone feels safe doing but also challenge participants to be their very best.

We Make It Fun & Engaging

Engaging with each other and having fun is a great way to develop bonds that help team members work well together. Building a stronger and happier team will ultimately make them more effective, more productive, and more successful.

No Obligation First Meeting

If you are interested in discussing how these services can work for your team, we would be happy to schedule an initial no-cost, no-obligation discovery meeting with you at your location to explore how we can work together.

For more information please contact us at skovacs@invistaperforms.org or (253) 583-8865.