This session will provide you with a working knowledge of fundamental lean principles such as, how to increase efficiencies, reduce wastes, and bolster profitability. You will learn the timeless benefits of Lean, why so many organizations use its principles, and how to apply it to your own organization. You will have the opportunity to try hands-on exercises with practical tools you can use at your organization.


After this session, you will be able to:

  • Explain what Lean is and its benefits
  • Identify the Eight Deadly Wastes and where they are in your organization
  • Apply the principles of Continuous Flow to increase efficiency and revenue
  • Describe the difference between Push and Pull systems
  • Apply special measurements (Kanban Signals) that will increase efficiency and profit
  • Use Spaghetti Diagrams to identify waste
  • Identify the use and importance of Standard Work documents
  • Describe the steps of 5S and benefits to create a more productive workspace
  • Identify why some organizations fail to properly implement Lean