2017 Annual Washington State Government Lean Transformation Conference

 Last Year I attended the Annual Washington State Government Lean Transformation Conference and it changed the way that I thought about processes and procedures within my organization. I realized after attending this conference that administration procedures and practices can absolutely improve if they are subjected to Lean thinking. Costs can be brought down, waste is eliminated, and margins can be reduced with overall profit margins increased.

There can be resistance to adopting Lean thinking within the office. Change is often scary because of its uncertainty, and people, just like myself, are creatures of habit. Let’s face it; most people prefer predictability and stability in both their personal and professional lives. So, people typically avoid situations that upset the order of things, threatens their self-interests, increases stress, or involves risks. When faced with changes to the status quo, people usually resist initially.

I encourage everyone to be open-minded when it comes to adopting change within your office cultures. Using Lean in administration is not radical – all processes have inputs and an output – lean is universally applicable! It is not simply about applying Lean in certain parts of the company. For Lean to be truly effective, it has to be implemented to all aspects of the business. No one can be exempt, nor should they be exempt from Lean; it should apply to all. In addition, administration practices are a classic example of just where Lean can and should be applied!

To learn more about the 2017 Annual Washington State Government Lean Transformation Conference, “Growing a Culture of Problem Solvers” click on the link below!