Invista Performance Solutions is a collaboration of 4 Pierce County Community colleges.  Our mission is to provide customized training services to organizations in our own local community.  All the programs we offer are developed and delivered based on principles of adult learning.

Adults learn best when they are actively engaged in their own learning process, when they contribute to it from their own knowledge and experience, and when they are able to see its relevance to their life and work.  The goal of every one of our programs is increased knowledge, changed attitudes, and new behaviors on the job.

To achieve these results, we deliver activity-based training modules.  The trainers do not lecture but instead facilitate an active learning experience through a variety of techniques that appeal to all types of styles.  To accelerate learning, we create a relaxed, positive learning environment, where it is fun and safe to interact.

Our facilitators apply key concepts from research on adult learning—For example- Kolb and the four different learning orientations: Concrete experience, Reflective observation, Abstract learning, and Active experimentation.


We also rely on Neuro Linguistic Programming in both the design and delivery stages.  We deliver content that appeals to visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners.

Every session starts with a clear set of objectives.  We tell you where we are headed and how we are going to get there.  We connect every participant with the question “What’s In It For Me?”  so that they connects personally with the relevance of the session right from the very beginning.

We engage the individual learner, inviting them to reflect on new content, visualize how they will use it, and craft plans and set goals on how to apply it.  We seek their input and pair people up so they can share their existing knowledge and experience with each other and explore new ideas together.

When we introduce new skills, we model them and immediately give participants a chance to practice in a controlled environment.  The facilitator provides feedback along with their partner.  Each person benefits from that observation and feedback.

Groups are also a very effective method of learning.  People can brainstorm ideas, craft solutions, work on case studies and discuss real scenarios and relevant ideas.  They report out their findings for the benefit of everyone in the class.  Through interaction, we maximize the impact of social learning.