This is Part 1 of a  3-Part blog series…

In today’s world of business, organizations must have an edge on the competition or they will be left behind more quickly than ever before. That edge is fully engaged people within the organization itself. The challenge is to define what human engagement really is and then bring it into being. There has been plenty written and spoken about the importance of human engagement and how critical it is to high performance and organizational success today. Human engagement is no longer just a theory or interesting concept, it is the source that produces the essential energy and power people generate to bring about the highest achievements and the most extraordinary results for any organization.


This level of engagement is defined by the complete willingness and commitment of a person to meet and exceed expectations no matter what the challenge may be with a positive attitude. An engaged person comes to work early, performs their work with energy and efficiency, develops positive relationships, thinks of ways to improve processes, makes suggestions with respect, expresses concerns with courtesy, willingly works overtime… The list goes on. Think of your best employee and imagine having many more with the same positive qualities that you appreciate and value so much!


What can you expect by achieving high engagement? When engagement is high, problems are low. When engagement is high, there are fewer fires to put out. When engagement is high, positive relationships flourish and people problems decrease. When engagement is high, challenges are overcome quickly and effectively. Most importantly, when engagement is high, people lead themselves to new levels of record performance because they are personally invested in their company.


So, how do we go about it? As a successful supervisor and manager of teams that have produced record-setting results, I know what it takes to bring about powerful engagement. At Invista, we teach the specific steps an effective leader will follow in order to achieve the same success. We begin with a certain set of principles to create a Value System. This Value system provides a solid foundation to guide your efforts to establish Human Engagement that actually works. These Leadership principles are based upon human nature:

  • It begins with a leader who exemplifies true human engagement.
  • Freedom is essential. Human beings are born with a desire to be free.
  • It’s really all about People and Relationships. We communicate to relate.
  • The Will is Everything. Will is the power within each of us to achieve.
  • Attitude, training and performance reflects Leadership.


We teach you how to become an effectively engaged leader. Engaged Leaders must know and understand human nature and how to communicate in ways that inspire the best in people. They must know how to apply foundational principles and govern themselves by the guiding Value System. Engaged Leaders live by a Leader’s Creed:

“As a Leader: I lead myself.  I manage things.  I inform and engage people.”


An effective leader understands they must govern and lead themselves first and foremost providing an example to the team. Out of respect they do not manage people as things; they manage things. They inform and engage people to govern and lead themselves. They move from the limiting paradigm of command and control to the expanding paradigm of inform and engage. At Invista Performance Solutions, we train leaders how to apply these principles and help them develop the necessary skills to establish powerful Human Engagement that works within your organization.


Our training course goes into much more detail providing the essential information and hands-on experience to create the ideal environment in which Human Engagement occurs naturally without the need of threat, force or coercion of any kind. Effective leadership is the most important key.


In Part 2 we will discuss The 4 Ideals for Human Engagement and The Relationship Continuum that leads directly to powerful engagement in your organization. Human Engagement that will take you to new heights and greater performance. I know it because I have lived it and experienced it in real time with real people producing record-setting results. It works.