As a supervisor, running projects in your organization does not have to be rife with delays, hampered with unclear roles and poor communication, or result in less-than-ideal outcomes.  Project management is a proven process and a set of tools you can learn to successfully manage change.  As a supervisor, you will build confidence with your team and management by using best practices and tools that will immediately improve your outcomes.  Great project management leads others into cooperating with you and fully adopting the changes you are responsible for making.  We will show you how and provide you with useful templates, too!  

After you complete this course, you will be able to: 

  • Utilize a step by step proven management process—Initiation to Closing 
  • Create a high-level plan and then follow it, using a “project charter” 
  • Establish clear roles and responsibilities for project team members 
  • Identify what can trip up the project through assessing and managing risks  
  • Keep team members engaged using brainstorming and other activities 
  • Help project team members self-manage and make decisions 
  • Keep leadership and the roll out team informed through solid communication