Job Skills Program Grant

One of the many benefits of working with us is our ability to access and coordinate State of WA funding for training programs on behalf of companies. Here are two different programs for your business to offset training and development costs by working with us

What is the Job Skills Program?

Washington's Job Skills Program (JSP) is training customized to meet employers' specific needs. Training is delivered to new or current employees at the work site or in a classroom.

What is the Purpose?

JSP training is a tool for enhancing the growth of Washington's economy and increasing employment opportunities. JSP provides funding for training in regions with high unemployment rates and high levels of poverty. It also supports areas with new and growing industries; locations where the local population does not have the skills needed to stay employed; and those regions impacted by economic changes that cause large-scale job loss.


A central focus of JSP is to provide training and employment for those at risk of losing their jobs due to technological or economic changes.

Who Can Apply?

JSP awards grants to licensed educational institutions in Washington. JSP funds half of the training cost; partner employers provide a cash or in-kind match to fund the other half.

How Do I Get Started?

Please contact us directly and we will work with you to prepare the application for funding.

Customized Training Program

What is the Customized Training Program?

The Washington Customized Training Program (CTP) was created by the State Legislature to provide training assistance to businesses that provide employment opportunities in Washington.

Training can include formal training in:

  • Basic education and skills
  • English language for non-native speakers
  • Technical skills and job-related instruction, plus
  • Skills assessment and evaluation and
  • Training equipment, materials, facilities and supplies.

How Does the Customized Training Program Work?

Under the Customized Training Program, the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC) pays the costs up front for customized training. After training is completed the business repays the costs to the SBCTC interest free. The first payment will be equal to 25% of the full cost of the training program and is due upon completion of the training. The remaining 75% is spread over the next 18 months. As each payment is made the business may take a state B&O tax credit equal to 50% of the payment. Thus, the total tax credit will be equal to 50% of the full cost of the training program.

What is the Purpose?

CTP training is a tool for enhancing the growth of Washington’s economy, increasing employment opportunities and adding to the state’s quality of life.

How Do I Get Started?

Please contact us directly and we will work with you to prepare the application for funding.

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