Determining what kind of training you need to move your organization towards success can seem intuitive, but avoid the pitfalls of choosing the wrong kind of training by starting with the first step and conduct an effective Needs Assessment.

One of my favorite questions to ask an organization that requests training is to describe where they are currently and where they would like to be. What are the gaps, but also what is going well? Furthermore, if they already have specific actions in mind, I like to know how they arrived at the conclusion and how that specific action was determined. What are the consequences and possible repercussions if nothing is done?

In a formal training needs assessment, data from multiple sources supports the observations of the types of changes that are needed most. Data gathering in the simplest approach is through direct dialogue, such as how your doctor begins an evaluation.  There are multiple ways to solicit this data across a wide variety of sources. Information gathering can be through a variety of methods including surveys, interviews, observations, focus groups, and skills assessments.

Learn an effective way to conduct a speedy needs assessment outlined on the Association of Talent Development website. Read “How to Conduct a Lightning Fast Needs Assessment Clients Will Love” written by Sardek Love through this link.