“Never set a child afloat on the flat sea of life with only one sail to catch the wind.” – D. H. Lawrence


Versatility—the ability to adapt and adjust to a variety of circumstances, functions, or activities


How versatile are you as a leader? Do you have one trait that you love to use or perhaps overuse? It’s easy, isn’t it, to play to our own strengths, and forget about traits we struggle with more?

Leaders have to be masters of collaboration, but is collaboration always the answer? Sometimes, you have to take a stand, even if no one agrees and stay there alone.

We have to communicate courageously, but sometimes a softer more amenable approach moves people to agreement more quickly.

Leaders have to be humble. However, there will be situations when you have to be tough and forceful with your voice.

Patience is always a virtue but speedy and decisive wins the prize…sometimes.

I think you get my point. There is not just one or even a few qualities that make leaders great. If you only play on one string, you’re not going to make very beautiful music. Successful leaders balance a number of qualities!

We recommend you take a good look at the infographic supplied by the Center for Management and Organization Effectiveness and do a personal leadership inventory.

It’s time to ask yourself, what kind of leader do I wish to be? What qualities do I need to develop? And then craft a plan on how to get there. Leaders are not born, they are made through growth and maturity. While all of us need periods of rest, personal leadership development is a lifelong process we cannot rest from.

Does your organization have a plan? Do your executives communicate what qualities make someone successful at your business?

Successful organizations don’t just hire experienced leaders; they also plan how to bring out the best in their current people, how to create well-rounded leaders. They train, they coach, they mentor, they create stretch experiences and stretch assignments that shift leaders’ mindsets and advance skill sets. They put leaders in situations with others that help shape them and sharpen them.

Whether you are considering development at your own personal level, or at the organizational level, this is the essence of talent development!