How many of us have experienced buyer’s remorse? Have you been drawn to buy a gimmicky all-in-one product from a swift talking salesperson or know someone who has and been left holding the bag when it comes to service and follow-up?

The value of long term business relationships from a business development perspective is not to make a quick deal. The most important task of the business development person is to truly connect with their client by understanding their needs, their resources, and appropriate timing to help with a solution. Being in tune with your client is critical to be a true resource for them when they need you, not the other way around.

There are no shortcuts to the above style of relationships. At Invista we understand trust is built over time. We are now celebrating 5 years of longevity as a collaboration and much longer as individual colleges. Think about the level of trust you have with other service providers, such as doctors, auto mechanics, and insurance agents once you have found and them and experienced the value they offer over the years.

Another benefit of long term relationships is that you know your providers have all the tools in their box but will only offer to use them at the right time and the right place. As a consumer, knowing their qualifications and abilities provides peace of mind for when that need does arise.

How do we know where to start when it comes to our most vulnerable needs? Often, we look for referrals from friends or other like professionals before we try something new. Although a positive reference carries a lot of weight, a negative experience by someone else weighs even more heavily against bringing in someone to solve a critical or complex need. Online reviews are abundant in today’s world and most often, like minded professionals are more than willing to share a great experience. Serving over 65 clients in the last 5 years has earned us some noteworthy reviews from organizations such as Financial Pacific Leasing, Tacoma Public Utilities, SAFE Boats, Tacoma School District, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Goodwill of the Olympics and Rainier Region.

When you look for resources at Invista Performance Solutions, you can feel confident your needs are understood through a consultative process before a solution is custom crafted for your needs. We also consider pre and post activity supplements to ensure the desired gap is bridged. We measure the continued behavior change through surveys or focus groups we administer after participants have had an opportunity to put their learning into real life practice. We then provide that feedback to the organizational leadership to show the application of applied learning over time to demonstrate effectiveness.

Read more about our in depth consulting practice on our blog here and watch a video of our instructors approach with the client team members here.