IPS delivered 1.5 days of Sexual Harassment Prevention training for employees at Concrete Technology Corporation, who operates a 30-acre pre-stressed concrete plant in Tacoma’s Tideflats.  Thousands of bridges, buildings, piers, tanks, floats and other structures throughout the Pacific Northwest and Alaska have been built with Concrete Tech products.

IPS developed an hour-long training module that covers the essentials regarding different types of workplace harassment and diversity & inclusion practices.  More than 150 production employees over six groups received the training, including a separate group of supervisors and managers.

The participants who completed the training were able to understand and explain the concepts, state their importance, describe steps to respond to and report harassing behaviors, and their responsibility in creating a positive work environment for others among a diverse workforce.  The supervisory course included more content for their unique management role in creating a positive environment and responding to incidents of harassment.

The course was delivered using I-Clicker® technology-an electronic hand-held polling system for immediate feedback. The instructor used the technology to get immediate responses on scenario-based questions, creating audience engagement, and instantaneous feedback on participant comprehension and learning gains.  The results of the I-Clicker® data were summarized and delivered to the Human Resource department as verification that the training was successfully completed.  IPS also collected participant feedback from a sample of participants on the quality of the learning experience; results show a high level of satisfaction with the training program and the instructor.