Employee training and development is unfortunately often one of the initiatives that gets cut when budgets are tight.  But as your community college resource, Invista Performance Solutions (IPS) has a way to help your organization stretch your limited training budgets and still fund valuable employee training.

IPS will access and coordinate funding from the State of Washington for training programs for your company today.  The application process is easy, and funds are currently available.

Job Skills Program Matching Grant Program:

This program offsets the costs of employee training by providing your company with WA State funding, which your company matches with your paid trainees’ wages and benefits during the training program.  Your company may have a small percent or no additional out of pocket expenses for the training program.

Here are some companies that have received JSP grants for training through IPS and the training topics they pursued over the past two years:

SA Tech (Manufacturer Mats, Flooring, and Insoles): Lean, Kaizen Events

(Awarded $47,210 Grant)

Tacoma Community House (Social Services): Change Management, Team Building, Personality Assessments (DiSC), Respectful Communication, Interpersonal Communication

(Awarded $42,658 Grant)

Bite Me! (Food Manufacturer): Lean, ESL, Computer Training, FSMA Certification (Food Safety Modification Act)

(Awarded $69,607 Grant)

Ionic (Manufacturer Cannabis Oil): Lean, Kaizen Events

(Awarded $21,812 Grant)

Safe Boats International (Marine Manufacturer): Certified Welding Supervisors, Marine Systems, Marine Technical, Marine Standards

(Awarded $80,000 Grant)

Shining Ocean (Food Manufacturer and Processor): Lean 101, Kaizen Events

(Awarded $71,472 Grant)

The deadline to apply for this grant is May 31st, 2019 for projects starting as early as July 1st, 2019 so please notify us right away of your interest.  We would like to start by scoping out the details of your training needs and prepare an application with your input.

Contact us today to get the application process started and visit our Resource Page for more information about this grant.