Does One Size Fits All describe your training approach?

There are numerous high profile businesses with tremendous marketing budgets to encourage you to fill their seminar seats and drain your budget with their off-the-shelf seminars when the circus comes to town. You know the ones. You get their postcards and hear their radio advertisements all the time; they fill your inbox with e-marketing. As long as everyone gets under that big circus tent, they are sure to be entertained.

Ask yourself if this one-size-fits-all approach fulfills your needs. If you’re looking for a check-the box-training with little or no follow-up and void of unique considerations of your business, then this could be exactly what you need, as long as it’s on their schedule and their subject of the day.
How do you decide exactly what kind of training is really best for your organization to sustain a long term impact?

Many of us have been faced with deciding how to provide training for our teams and we want to do what’s best. Consider the benefits of customized training over off-the-shelf seminar products instead.

At Invista Performance Solutions we specialize in finding the best solution for your needs. We engage in a multi-faceted needs analysis to understand your business culture, performance gaps and then create a solution tailored exactly to address your needs. We follow through using our customized courses built around your business values and desired outcomes into the curriculum. We also support the learning process with wrap-around follow-up to ensure learning is successful and utilized through long term behavioral change. Invista Performance Solutions can even build in college credit for organizations who want to support their workforce in developing their college degrees or enhance the validity of their own corporate university.

Check out some of the organizations whom we have helped achieve their training goals and the outcomes on our website: Financial Pacific Leasing and City of Tacoma.