Invista is proud to introduce our new intern, Alana Yang! We are very excited to have her for the next six months assisting our marketing efforts. Alana is starting her senior year at the University of Puget Sound in the fall and will be graduating next May with a degree in communications, with an emphasis in media studies.

Alana has experience in social media marketing and website development, which will be very helpful as we refresh and update our website in the upcoming months. Alana will be able to offer creative solutions, and her proficiency with technology and social media will help make the process move smoothly and quickly. When redesigning a website, the smaller-scale moving pieces and technical details are often overlooked. Alana will be double checking and maintaining these aspects of the website.

As an organization committed to professional development, Invista Performance Solutions believes in hiring interns, not only to benefit the intern as they embark on their career path, but also to benefit our organization. Interns provide extra help and productivity with short term projects, and they also provide a fresh perspective on issues, bringing new ideas and challenging routines and customs that have been in practice for years. New cutting edge ideas often come from college campuses; interns connect us to the forefront of these ideas.

Internships are usually established for a set period of time so they can serve as a “trial period” for the individual. At the end of the internship, the company has the option of hiring them as a full-time employee, and the benefit is their familiarity with the organization, its people and culture. If an internship goes well, word will spread, and in today’s tough market, brand recognition is invaluable. The intern’s school colleagues may hear about your company and apply for a job. Finding good talent is often difficult in today’s market, and getting the word out about opportunities is even harder. Your intern is establishing positive association with your company and helping your reputation.

It is important to not only have clear goals in mind when hiring an intern, but to have time to mentor and train them. While interns have little to no experience in the field, they are very eager to learn, and will thrive under guidance. Creating assignments that capitalize on their abilities and knowledgemoves the business forward.